Jimmy Sapienza's Five Guys Named Moe


Many people like to know a little about the people behind the band they hire,
so we'll use this page to provide more information about our history as newsmakers and our track record with our clients.


Our Approach

We always try to inject a sense of spontaneity
and fun into each performance we give. We
take pride in the fact that we are able to
freely adapt to virtually any type of venue
and audience. We honestly enjoy what we do.

How The Moes Got Started...

In 1987, founder Jimmy Sapienza was
given a cassette tape full of songs
by Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five.
Songs with titles like "Is You Is",
"Saturday Night Fish Fry" and one
song in particular that was titled
"Five Guys Named Moe" to name a few.

Sapienza's first thought was that
"Five Guys Named Moe" would make a
great name for a band! So without
further ado, he formed his group
which has gone on to become known
as one of the best bands in the
Eastern United States. J.S. and his
F.G.N.M. have won awards year after
year for Best Jazz Combo and Male

Their first major gig was in 1989
where they opened for the Jaggerz at
the Melody Tent, a 2,000-plus venue
on Pittsburgh's South Shore.

Jimmy also developed a relationship
with Oldies Radio Station 3WS
and in the course of that union was
invited to open for Dion and the Belmonts
to a 4,000+ audience crowding the
Amphitheater at Station Square, Pittsburgh.

The opportunity to do the same for
Disney's premiere of Angels In The Outfield
gave Jimmy a 35000+ crowd to work to at
Three Rivers Stadium.

James Brown's 70,000+ audience was yet another
feather in the cap of Sapienza and his Moes
at Three Rivers.

Since its inception in 1987,
Jimmy Sapienza's band of note has
evolved while consistently delivering
top-notch performances to audiences
of all types and sizes.

Our Band Members

A band is only as good as the people who work in it. Our valued members help to ensure that our group is the best
that it can be. Three members, Keith Stebler, Ed Friedenberger and Lou Schreiber are alumni of the
Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children. Back
in the mid 1960's and through to the late 1970's,
this school produced some of the finest musicians in
the country. A learning program offered by the school
helped to develop these gifted students into the superlative
musicians they are today. Says Jimmy... "No sheet music here, it's all about listening. "To watch the Moes perform together is like watching dolphins communicate.
These guys have radar!"

5 Moes pictured here!

Pictured from left to right:

Horn Man - Lou Schreiber
Front Man - Jimmy Sapienza
Sax/Keyboardist - Ed Friedenberger
Drummer/Groove-Keeper - Steve Trettel
Keyboard-Master - Keith Stebler