Jimmy Sapienza's Five Guys Named Moe

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Meet The Moes...

5 Moe logo

Jimmy Sapienza's Five Guys Named Moe
is a Registered Trademark...
We precede the London-based show with
the same use of "Five Guys Named Moe"
name by nearly four years.


In 1987 a friend of Jimmy's gave

him a cassette full of

Louis Jordan songs and said...

"You're gonna love this stuff."

Love it ? As Jimmy listened

he thought to himself...

"I'm gonna add this material to

my repertoire." He listened as the

songs played on... One after another...

"Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens",

"Is You Is (Or Is You Ain't My Baby)",

"Sure Had A Wonderful Time",

"Choo Choo Ch-Boogie",

And when the "Caldonia Boogie" was

over he said out loud...

"I'm gonna put a whole new band together!"

Then he asked himself the question...

"What will I call this band?"

Then came the fifteen-note intro to

the Jordan song that changed his life...

"Five Guys Named Moe".

The words described to a T

a band of ace musicians who

knocked-out crowds with the

"best in harmony" winning the favor

of every type of audience and receiving

rave critical revues. This was exactly

the kind of band he wanted to form.

Jimmy handpicked the best jazzmen

from the local Pittsburgh scene.

Since its inception, Jimmy Sapienza's

Five Guys Named Moe have

consistently delivered crowd-pleasing

performances to a multitude of

appreciative fans, including President

of the United States, Bill Clinton.

The "Moe's" musical sound
is second to none.
Jimmy and his award-winning
band continue to deliver
their exclusive brand of
top-notch entertainment for
all types of planned events.

"Best In The 'Burgh"
Jimmy Sapienza's Five Guys Named Moe

We are a four-to-seven piece
Pittsburgh-based club band that also
provides musical entertainment for
wedding receptions and ceremonies,
corporate events, grand openings,
community festivals, private parties,
anniversaries, reunions, luncheons,
or any special occasion.

Make your upcoming affair
a most memorable one
by allowing us to tailor-make a package
to fit your specific needs and budget.

The Moe's repertoire is comprised of
hundreds of songs that include
Swing, Pop Standards, Big Band,
Classic Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Motown,
Jazz, Funk, Show Tunes, Latin,
Sapienza Originals and "Much Moe".

However small or large your event is,
we have the experience and are committed
to providing the right mix of music
to make your party a smashing success!

Jimmy's Five Guys Named Moe
have quality and punch, plus all the
spark of a tightly polished jazz combo.
They Swing. They Rock. Appreciative
audiences applaud their expert abilities
and musicianship. They've even played
for the President of the United States!

They have been the "Official
Band" of KDKA Radio's Morning Show
hosted by John Cigna. Spaghetti Breakfasts, Pirate/
Steeler Rallies and holiday-remote
broadcasts always get a jump-start when
this highly charged band plugs in!

Sapienza's powerful voice has a silken
edge. He loves to croon a dreamy love
ballad as well as to Rock and shout the Blues.

He is heavily influenced by Frank Sinatra,
Louis Jordan, Louie Prima, and Louis
"Satchmo" Armstrong. Add a pinch of
Dean Martin and a dash of Tony Bennett
because this genuine Italian saloon
singer does it all.

Jimmy and company can then shift gears
to belt out a Van Morrison song, or some
James Brown, just when it's time to make
things rock!

Jimmy has the know-how to read and to
connect with any type of audience,
including yours.

Sapienza is Singer, Songwriter, Actor,
Spokesperson and Funnyman who leads an
award-winning world-class band -- all
adding up to one highly entertaining package!

The one essential ingredient
that will make your reception
come together is a live band.

Friends and family alike will
say they "Sure Had A Wonderful
Time" when the music is done right.

So "Let The Good Times Roll"
and contact Jimmy for your
special day.

We can also provide music for
your ceremony.

Piano at cocktail hour will
be "Unforgettable," providing
just the right touch that
enables your guests to relax
and mingle as a prelude
to dinner.

Then, over dinner, the band's
soft music with some smooth
vocals will set the stage
for the festivities to come.

After dinner comes the bridal
dance(s). Now it's time to
get the party into full swing!
Let's dance the night away!

Our music will help to create a
memory that will be cherished
for years to come.

Over seventy percent of our jobs
come from referrals. Our clients
often recommend Jimmy Sapienza's
"Five Guys Named Moe" to others
planning for an event. Why?
Because we are the genuine
article! We deliver! We are...
Jimmy Sapienza's
Five Guys Named Moe.
Book us direct and save!
Email (below) or call 412-243-4836.

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See video clips and hear this great band at

Download this B&W 150 dpi promo picture of Jimmy.
Singer, Songwriter, Actor/Spokesperson, Comic M. C.

They Swing! They Rock! The're real gone cats!
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this fun song by Jimmy's Five Munchkins Named Moe! Plus you'll get eight more bonus tracks of Sapienza originals!
Also includes "I Love Pittsburgh", "Little Rock Shuffle",
"Scat Talkin'", "In My Chevrolet", "I'm A Jitterbug",
"Short Brunettes", "Critical Condition" and
"Say Nothin'At All".

This is a must have for serious collectors and avid fans!

GO STEELERS! The drive for five is still alive!
Order Steeler song on CD. Email Jimmy for details.
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Jimmy & his band hand deliver a great performance!
Jimmy invites you to check out the Moes
Compliment your affair with the right kind of music!

Jimmy Sapienza
Vocalist / Front Man
can tailor make his group
to fit your musical needs.

Our latest CD (with any available date).
Hear for yourself why we're rated tops around!
John Cigna (KDKA Radio) says 
"Call Jimmy and his band.  They're the best!"

Visiting Pittsburgh? Night life swings with Jimmy!
Pittsburgh, PA
View of the Golden Triangle, Home of the "MOES".

Wooden Nickel is Tops Around...

Near and around Monroeville?
Talk about great food and a fun time?
The Wooden Nickel is
the place that has it. Bring a date, friends,
family. You could also come alone and make
new friends! Call (412)372-9750 for Jimmy's
play dates and make reservations.
Located off of Business Route 22 East
behind Denny's.  See you there!


This is the band the critics all rave about!
Steve Trettel, Keith Stebler, JimmySapienza, Eric DeFade

Pennsylvania Brewing Company,
the makers of Penn Pilsner
beer, host the Moes on a
Friday night about once each

The setting is framed
by a clear view of the one
hundred plus year old copper
brew vats that still operate.

Authentic German style dishes,
informal picnic benches and
lots of thirst quenching
Penn Pilsner beer!

Located on the corner of
Troy Hill and Vinial Streets
accross from H.J. Heinz Co.

Call Owners Mary Beth or Tom
Pastorias, (412)237-9400 for
up-comming play dates and info.


For more live play dates call
(412)731-1349  or  (412)243-4836
or drop us an email.
(Click above the revolving mailbox below!) 

The Living Room in South Hills
(Rt 19 accross from South Hills Village)
is always a fun time!
Bring a date for some great atmosphere,
dinner and dancing.
Call (412)835-9772 for reservations and play dates.


Thank you for your interest in us!

Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Dinner Set, First Dance,
After Dinner Dance Sets. FREE DJ Svc. on breaks.



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